Examples of my work with oil pastels are displayed on this page.

 Using acid free paper I create a raised outline of the design I wish to draw. Then I turn my paper over and using oil pastels fill in my outline, adding and shading colours to bring my picture to life.

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26 by 20 inches, without frame or mat  18 by 24 inches, without frame or mat 
Star Breeze. 

Fairies' Castle Keep.

It is black night with a rushing wind; a midnight blue centre fades into a creamy powder blue at the edges.  Silver stars tumble on the gale that swirls through the night. 


The swirling silver grey fog has drawn back to reveal a glimpse of the Fairies' Castle Keep: its turrets and battlements glow a pale pearl cream against the fairyland sky.It sits in a blend of pinks, blues, and lilac, while its setting is concealed from prying eyes by the gentle billows and puff - like clouds of a true fairies' sunset.


20 by 26 inches, without frame or mat 26 by 20 inches, without frame or mat

 Flying Free .

Gems of the Air.


The last of the cocoon has been shed.  The butterfly displays itís newly created, breath taking array of colours: crimson, gold and brilliant blue, blaze into life as it shakes out its wings and lifts itself into the air, rising into its natural element Ö flying free A cloud of vividly coloured butterflies flutter in all directions revelling in their freedom to fly and to float on the warm air currents. Their colours flash with silver and gold, blooming in a dazzling rainbow of brilliant gem tones.


                                                                                                 Moonlight Frolic


A thin sliver of moon sinks into the deep blue night sea sending its last silver beams out across the water.  Three dolphins have come to leap and frolic in the last of the moonlight.  One pale grey form curves back into the sea foam.  Another leaps high in a joyous arch against the black night sky, while the third slides down towards the waiting midnight sea.