Examples of my work with oil pastels are displayed on this page.

 Using acid free paper I create a raised outline of the design I wish to draw. Then I turn my paper over and using oil pastels fill in my outline, adding and shading colours to bring my picture to life.

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32 by 25 inches, Matted & Framed.

  20 by 26 inches 
Starfall.       Earth Song.
A gold star tumbles downwards.  Streaming behind it
flames its tail in fiery stripes of
gold and crimson, bright
green and purple. Across the black night sky
the Star Falls.

Earth Song consists of a widening spiral of colour: green shades into brown while deeper green shades into a deeper brown then back through the lighter shades… blending into a repeating continuum of earth tones.  The colours swirl together with gold and copper as they pour up and out.  Some colours flow free; others meld once again into the spiral.

24 by 31 inches, Matted & Framed.    26 by 20 inches, without frame or mat
Dreams' Ship.      

Wind Song. 

The dark blue ship with lilac and pink sales floats serenely on a tranquil sea of blues and greens.  It is a ship from a dream, a ship filled with dreams.   The air and the wind are made visible in Wind Song!  Dark grey, deep blue and black are the colours that form the churning vortex of the storm centre.  The raging winds gradually fade through hard gusts of lighter grey into stiff bright blue breezes until soft pastel puffs of summer air flutter around the edges.   

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